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Getting Started
Installing POS2Net
POS2Net Setup
QuickBooks Point of Sale Setup
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Exporting Customers
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QuickBooks Point of Sale
Shopping Cart Software
NetStores POS2Net

Installing .NET Framework 2.0

1.      Upon loading NetStores POS2Net Installer, the Installer will test for the first prerequisite. The .NET 2.0 Framework. If the framework is not detected you will be prompted to install it. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1: .NET Framework 2.0 was not detected.

2.      Click Next to download and install the .NET 2.0 Framework.

Figure 2: .NET Framework 2.0 Download

3.   The download will begin immediately. The file size is ~22meg and depending on your connection it might take a while to download.


Figure 3: Installing .NET Framework 2.0

4.     After the download has completed the .NET 2.0 Installer will start. Follow the simple screen prompts to install. (See Figure 3).

Figure 4: Click next when the .NET Framework 2.0 installer has completed.

5.     After the .NET installer has completed click Next to continue with the NetStores POS2Net Installation. (See Figure 4)

Registering NetStores QuickBooks Point of Sale E-Commerce Software POS2Net:

1.      Upon loading QuickBooks Point of Sale Software NetStores POS2Net you will see the Registration Screen. (Figure 5)

2.      Please take the time to fill out the simple form and click “Continue”. Your information will be submitted across the internet to our servers.

Figure 5:
This is the NetStores POS2Net Support Registration screen. By Filling out this information we can better serve and support you as you use NetStores POS2Net E-Commerce Software.

Using the NetStores POS2Net Installer:

3.      Welcome to the NetStores POS2Net Installer. (See Figure 6).

Figure 6: NetStores POS2Net Setup Wizard


Figure 7:
NetStores POS2Net Prerequisite Installer

4.      Next you may be prompted that you are in need of a few programs before installing NetStores POS2Net. Please review the list and click Download and Install. The program will automatically download these programs and run them after your computer has received them. (See Figure 7).

Figure 8:
NetStores POS2Net License Agreement

Figure 9:
NetStores POS2Net Installation Folder

5.      After successfully installing all prerequisites of NetStores POS2Net, you will be prompted with the NetStores POS2Net license agreement read the licensing agreement carefully before agreeing to the terms and conditions. Click “I Agree” then click “Next” to continue. (See Figure 8).

6.      Select a folder to install NetStores POS2Net into. After selecting and reviewing you choice click “Next” to continue. (See Figure 9)

7.  During the installation you will see a Security Warning informing you about the need to install a certificate. Click Yes. This certificate certifies you want NetStores POS2Net to be able to connect to QuickBooks Point of Sale. (See Figure 10).

Figure 10: NetStores POS2Net Certificate Security Warning

Figure 11: Installing
NetStores POS2Net 

Figure 12: Install Short Cuts to NetStores POS2Net

8.      The installation will only take a few minutes. When the NetStores POS2Net E-Commerce Software install is complete click “Next” (See Figure 11).

9.      After the NetStores POS2Net E-Commerce Software  installation is completed you will be prompted with your choice of where to put a short cut to NetStores POS2Net. Make your selections and then click “Next” (See figure 12).

Figure 13:
NetStores POS2Net Install Complete

10.      The installation of NetStores POS2Net is now complete. Click “Close” to finish the installer. (See Figure 13).

Initial NetStores E-Commerce Store Setup:

1.      Now you have successfully installed NetStores POS2Net and you are ready to run it. Run the shortcut from either the desktop or your start menu. You will now see the following screen. (See Figure 14).

Figure 14: New NetStores E-Commerce Store Window

2.      Since this is your first time running NetStores POS2Net you will be prompted with the create new NetStores E-Commerce Store Account dialog. (Subsequent running of NetStores POS2Net E-Commerce Software will not show this screen upon load, but you can always create a new NetStores E-Commerce Store Account by clicking the “Create a New NetStores Account” button on the Setup tab.)

3.      Fill out this simple form to create your new NetStores E-Commerce Store Account. Upon clicking “Create New Store” button your information will be sent over the internet and your NetStores E-Commerce Store will be created.  

NetStores POS2Net E-Commerce Connection Settings

Figure 15: The above screen is the Connection Settings tab.
This is where you can edit/update your various connection settings.

Upon successful creation of a NetStores e-commerce store you will get a success message. Next you be taken to the "Connection Settings" tab to continue the initial setup. (See Figure 15)

2.      You will see the Merchant ID and password for the NetStores E-Commerce Store Account you just created have already been input. You can decide if you would like your password saved, or if you don’t you can be prompted for it upon connection every time.

3.      If you have an e-commerce hosting account with NetStores you can input your hosting account information here.

Please input the name of your QuickBooks Point of Sale Company. (Your store name in QuickBooks Point of Sale.)

5.      Select the version of QuickBooks Point of Sale you are running by clicking the radio button next to the version.

6.      If you are using a remote server for your QuickBooks Point of Sale connection input the computer name of the server that is running QuickBooks Point of sale here else leave it blank.

7.     Test all the connections to be sure they are correct.

8. A QuickBooks Point of Sale login screen will prompt you if your QuickBooks Point of Sale requires login. Fill out the login information. Check Remember password to avoid multiple prompts for logging in.

Figure 17: QuickBooks Point of Sale Login

8.    You may be prompted with the following QuickBooks Point of Sale certificate screen. Press Yes, Always to continue.

Figure 16: QuickBooks Point of Sale Connection Certificate

Advanced NetStores POS2Net E-Commerce Connection Settings:

Clicking the advanced tab at the bottom of the Connection Settings windows will show the advanced settings screen.
Figure 17: Advanced NetStores POS2Net E-Commerce
Settings Screen              
Do not change anything on this screen unless you have been instructed to by NetStores. These settings are vital to the functionality of NetStores POS2Net.

For additional information on NetStores POS2Net, Shopping Carts and E-Commerce Solutions, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Point of Sale, E-Commerce Software, Shopping Cart Software, QuickBooks Point of Sale E-Commerce Shopping Cart Solutions go to the official NetStores POS2Net E-Commerce Solution site at

Getting Started / Installing POS2Net / POS2Net Setup / QuickBooks Point of Sale Setup /
Creating a New NetStores Merchant Store /
Exporting Items to NetStores / Exporting Customers to NetStores / Editing Product Details / Logging into Your NetStores Merchant Account /
Logging into Your E-Commerce Hosting Account /
Importing Sales Receipts to QuickBooks Point of Sale From NetStoresOther NetStores Tutorials

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